More about our 360 STRONG class…

An excellent starting point to hone your skills, with informative coaching, in a progressive format, which will turn you into functional machine – conditioned to make training into play.

Learn: Lifting techniques, Kettlebells, X-Fit skills & Calisthenics

Improve: Posture, Functional flexibility & Movement patterns (Bend, Lunges, Squats, Press, Pull & Twist)

Feel: Stronger, Sculpted, Athletic & Confident 

Great for: Fat loss, Lean muscle, Sporting movements & being more efficient in everyday activity

The structure of this class is unique as you get complete beginners training alongside athletes. As intimidating as this may seem, it actually means you get more support and achieve your goals quicker. 

Whether your goal is to do a pull-up, record a heavy squat or deadlift, run quicker times, complete an obstacle course race or just look & feel better, this class is for YOU!

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