More about our BOXFIT class…

An upbeat & fun cardio class that will elevate your heart rate and leave you dripping with sweat as you scorch fat & get ripped. We’d definitely recommend partnering this up with our 360 STRONG class for best results. 

Learn: Basic punch technique (Jab, cross, uppercut & hook), Combos, Kicking & Body movements

Improve: Cardio capacity, Co-ordination & Power output 

Feel: Fitter, Leaner, Athletic & Energised 

Great for: Losing weight, Full body toning, & Stress relief

Taught with fitness at the core, we retract all the juicy & intense aspects without physically fighting each other. The AB component makes it very popular too. 

Overall, a great class where you can learn a skill & look amazing at the same time. It’s a cardio option that gets even more exciting and challenging as you improve, always craving more!

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