After engaging in numerous conversations with gym goers, something which cropped up a lot was either the ability to start a training regime, stick with a current one or evolve an existing one. I’ll will try to assist you in setting out a plan to achieve your fitness goals whilst overcoming obstacles.

The problem with most exercisers is that they negotiate their exercise programs all the time. Imagine this. You’re running really late one morning for an appointment. You’re already 15 minutes late, and you haven’t even left the house. Would you leave the house without brushing your teeth, or would you take the extra two minutes to brush your teeth even though you know you’re already so late? Without a doubt, you’d brush your teeth! Why? Probably because you can’t imagine going through the pain of having such bad breath all day. To put this into an exercising scenario: how many of us wake up, in order to train, but instead of getting down to the gym, turn the alarm off and go back to sleep, saying that we will train at lunch time. Something else more colourful than the gym distracts us at lunch time and we end up going to bed, with no exercise completed, saying we will do it tomorrow, which leads into next week, next month…..you get my point.

Most of us see exercise as pain and not pleasure. These beliefs soon change once you are involved in a training regime where training sessions are regular, objectives are being met and a change in body shape are being seen. You can’t imagine life without exercise. It feels so great when you’re done. You feel horrible when you go too long without exercise. But it takes quite a few months before people actually lock in and start experiencing these types of sensations. Most people drop out before they actually get to this point. If however you do get here, training becomes a pleasure and part of a lifestyle.

Here are the steps to an awesome, maintained, achieved training plan:








Time frame – Establish a deadline for each goal.

For Example:

Train for and complete a half marathon on September 10th (Reward = New outfit)

 All the best, Chris Walsh