These are events where you need to commit and then think. Sometimes the hardcore images of mud drenched faces and colossal obstacles, apes would struggle to climb, put many people off. However, this should not deter you from what are actually very accessible and highly enjoyable events aimed at everyone. The word challenge instead of race makes it exciting, can you do it? Of course you can! So my goal is to equip you to make a smooth ride of a very bumpy journey.

So what do you need?

  1. Preferably trail running shoes or an old pair of trainers – its muddy, your shoes will get soaked and grip is essential when tackling obstacles.
  2. Rugby shorts and an old vest or t-shirt – Lycra could rip and a long-sleeve will weigh you down.
  3. A great attitude – unless you are doing the competitive event, obstacles will bottleneck and can be frustrating for the more eager.
  4. You are not going to look pretty and it does get rough: so no Ipods, designer clothing and or heart rate monitors.

What is the right training?

1 . Running/cardio base 2. Strength conditioning 3. Body-weight training

Should you set a goal?

An event like this is more about participating and having fun. Your goal should be to complete it with more smile than mud on your face. The team event can become competitive between corporates, but remember everyone is in it together, so safety before position. Remember, a gentleman in the event could reward you at the after party.

Everyone will remember the day, not the winner, so keep expectations low and festivity high.

I’m a girl and can’t climb?

  1. No worries, you will have your team mates to assist you with obstacles.
  2. You have 6 months to commit to a strength program to make you and your team more efficient.
  3. Marshalls will be on the course and if there is any danger, will allow you to skip the obstacle.

What fitness level do you need to participate in the competitive race?

Anyone can enter but the main focus is the team event. A good trail running base coupled with good upper body strength is ideal. Other competitors will not be obliged to assist you, you are on your own, you chose this for yourself.

So commit to the challenge and get into full swing with what is going to be an adventure and a topic on everyone’s lips over the next few months, trust me these things rarely disappoint and you definitely don’t want be the one who hears about it after!

Running Program

It’s inevitable a running base is essential. Just a few things to consider as this isn’t a straight forward run:

  1. It’s a trail run through farmlands, therefore if you are training on road, be sure to run a bit further.
  2. There is also a possibility that you will be taken through water and mud while running, so strong and powerful legs are required, so include some hikes and or hill training in your program.
  3. The run is also littered with obstacles, so include interval training with short intense bursts. Make sure you have over-conditioned yourself otherwise cramp could inhibit you from completing the entire course.

If you want to make sure that the running side of things is catered for and or haven’t much running experience, I would recommend you follow the 6month program, this is also an ideal opportunity for you to lose weight, making the obstacles a lot easier to negotiate. If however, you are a seasoned runner, 2-3months preparation will be enough.