Circuit: 3 times with 2 min break between sets

Single arm burpee push-ups into squat jumps

From a standing position, jump down onto the floor, absorbing your bodyweight with both arms. Take one hand behind back, push yourself back up as you jump your feet back in and jump back up before landing in standing position again. Repeat other side. Once 10 reps have been done, from standing position, bend your legs to 90d and jump as high as you can before landing in a squat and repeating.

20 reps

Surfer get-ups into push-up touch extends

Lying on your stomach, push yourself up, and twist your legs as you jump in, so that you land side-on to where you started. Jump back to straight and repeat other side. Once 10 reps are done, perform a push-up, take your right hand and touch your left foot (feet remain on floor), then take all your weight over your left arm as your fully extend and reach in front of you with right hand. Go back into a push-up and repeat on other side.

10 reps

Goddess push-ups into mountain climbers

In a squat position with arms crossed, jump your legs back and perform a push-up as you explosively return to start position. Perform 10 reps before keeping your arms fully extended in push-up position and running your knees towards chest.

50 reps

Squat pulses into table tops

Take a wide stance with feet turned out and go down to 90d. Drop a couple of inches before returning. In ballistic format, perform 50 reps. Then rock onto back, hands below and legs bent with your hips toward ceiling. Extend your right leg and place left hand on hip for 10 secs, change sides and repeat.

both sides 5 times

Hand release push-up into jack knives

Lying flat on your stomach, push your heels togther and squeeze glute. Push your body up with your arms before returning back to ground and releasing your hands before repeating for 10 reps. Flip over onto your back, with arms and legs fully extended, feet off floor. Close up and touch your toes before returning down to start position.

10 reps