With lockdown forcing gyms to close, we put one of most tried & tested pieces of fitness equipment to the sword.

Rather than just doing the stock standard bodyweight workouts, we decided to lend our kettlebells to our members & follow the Zoom trend.

We knew with just one weight, we’d have to increase the skill & technicality of the exercises while keeping the routines dynamic & fun, as monotony would have a negative impact on attendance. The key being that we could stick to our philosophy of constantly progressing our members even though we had very limited resources.

While a lot of people would associate an increase of weight with progression, this was obviously not at our disposal and we’d have to prove the effectiveness once gyms had returned and we had access to the full artillery again.

Upon returning, the variation, non use or substantial weight increases (ie Barbells, rig & ring work or up to 5 fold in kg’s) left a lot of the members bemused, as they expected to be ridiculously sore & battered. Instead they just dusted it off & were instantly eager to go full tilt again.

Also, the regression of the skill of some KB exercises & access to the complete stash of weights, saw many double their output on exercises which were still very much fresh in their minds (One member who had used a 16kg throughout lockdown was smashing a 32kg & beaming with delight from ear to ear with his new found strength).

So yes, when used correctly, in good formatting with selective movements, the kettlebell, a stalwart of 360, still reigns supreme!

Ps. It also cleaned up in our competition – where it was comprehensively voted the single most effective piece of exercise equipment to have during lockdown.