The addition of boxing classes to our gym offering, are proving very popular. As a gym mainly built on improving movement and increasing strength, this is a fantastic outlet to see your new found efficiency and performance.

The more technical aspect of it, makes it a snug fit with the rest of our concept, where we pride ourselves on progressive coaching and up-skilling of our members.

So while it might feel a bit alien at first due to new movements patterns having to be installed, once learned and crafted upon, will add a superior tool to your ever growing fitness repertoire.

Not only is it great for fat loss and getting a hard and chiseled body, but also for stress relief and the feel good factor. Many of our members actually say that’s their chief reason for doing it.

We don’t do any physical sparring, but make it as simulated as possible, by doing heavy bag work, high rep fitness drills, head feinting, ducking and kicking . Pushing you both mentally and physically past breaking point, you’ll experience the true beauty. A hot mess, buzzing with endorphins and accumulating V-lines as a byproduct.

You must have your own gloves, which in reality, is a very small investment for a training method that is addictive and forms a healthy habit. Our boxing classes are held at our gym in Cape Town.

Significant weight loss can be achieved by just doing BoxFit classes throughout the week, this is good for photoshoots, weddings or beach holidays. For long-term results we’d def recommend integrating it with our signature class: 360 STRONG forms a rock solid foundation for all sporting / recreational activity movements!