The Personal Training environment has been very conservative in terms of exercise prescription and has centered on the traditional body-building methodology in terms of reps and sets. Let’s not even get into your chatting getting interrupted by the occasional exercise, the ability of a trainer to stand next to a treadmill or the more important phone call where you get put on hold.

Here at 360 Specialized Training, your results are what motivates us to be trainers and we would be doing you an injustice by giving out the ‘3 sets of 10 reps’, although it does promote hypertrophy, as we feel better gains and benefits are to be reached  as we aim to promote ‘metabolic tolerance’ in our extreme style of training. This is where novice gym goers can be changed into athletes with indestructible bodies.

Extreme is often associated with unsafe and injuries. We are professional in realising that our clients trust needs to be obtained before we can set them on a path to greatness. Firstly we need to develop good movement patterns and an appropriate training base and this is done by challenging our clients well within their capabilities. And, secondly, to develop a psychological profile of a champion. These are the two fundamentals which give our clients belief to achieve things previously thought impossible, the greatest gift a trainer can give a client. With that understood, now I can get more into our extreme training methods and begin this article.

I’m talking of Functional Power Circuits which are made up of series of neuromuscular demanding exercises done in succession focussed on short high intensity work which force the body to accelerate, decelerate and dynamically stabilize forces upon, within and throughout it. This type of training produces high levels of the feared lactic acid. However, it is not the lactic acid that should be feared, as it does not remain lactic acid after it is produced, it disassociates into hydrogen and lactate. The increased hydrogen concentration is what everybody feels and what everyone should fear. It is the hydrogen that lowers the ph of the blood, gives you the ‘burn’, increases respiration and eventually inhibits muscle contractions. So if you want to be indestructible, you have to train to tolerate, utilize and buffer levels of hydrogen, and deal with the pain associated with the metabolic condition.

Sounds like hard work compared to the ‘usual training’ but when you look at the extra benefits, you might reconsider. When lots of work is done in a short period of time, speed is usually a major variable in the equation. Speed provides momentum and controlling momentum requires strength. The more speed, the more momentum, the more momentum, the more strength needed to manipulate it. Not a bad by-product! Now, you might be thinking, this is cool as resistance based training but I still need to motivate myself to go for a run, cycle or swim. But just remember, high work output also produces high hydrogen concentrations and low blood ph as previously mentioned. This metabolic state requires aerobic metabolism to regulate it, especially during the recovery periods (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption). So the cardio you are looking for is built into the performance and recovery.

Team our extreme power circuits with our other training approaches: hypertrophy, power development, stability and balance, and we offer a new dimension to fitness and performance: the superhuman body to anyone who wants it and the mental strength to overcome any obstacles that life throws at you.

“Hurt in practice, so that you don’t bleed in battle!”