Obstacle courses are becoming very popular and although they are often seen as a challenge for the hardcore, they are actually mainly aimed at the corporate market as team building events. This means they are highly accessible and enjoyable and you should be jumping head over heels to go face plant in the mud, scale walls, splash in the water and release your inner kid.

All you need is a pair of old trainers, shorts and t-shirt to accompany your great attitude and ditch the iPods, latest designer clothing and heart rate monitors. It really is back to basics and primal, being one with your body and nature, and having an exhilarating experience.

To get the most out, it’s recommended to have a good cardio/running base, strength conditioning and obstacle specific training, the latter which I’ll be sharing with you in this article.

An event like this is all about participating with friends and/or work colleagues, not competing; finishing with the biggest smile beaming through your grubby face, not focussing on a time; and keeping your festivities high on the day, not your expectations. This way you will be rewarded with the ultimate day out.

You will have team mates to assist you with harder obstacles and marshals will be present to make your bumpy journey run smoothly, so you have absolutely nothing to fear except the thought of having to hear about an obstacle course challenge rather than doing it!


Jump up and grab on bar with both hands. Grab bar in front of you with one hand, let your body swing and the following bar with other hand, continue this movement. If bars are far apart or you are struggling with technique, match hand on same bar before travelling forward.


Jump up rope and catch on with both hands, make sure rope is inside leg and let it come to the outside of your foot so that you can create a clamp. Keep your arms close to your body, pull-up with one arm then the other and clamp again before moving up. Important, when descending, control it down.


Jump up and grab bar with both hands, walk your feet to the top. Swing your right leg over. Using you lift leg, pull yourself towards the bar and twist. Swing over and slowly release your legs down.


Lower yourself into the bars so that you are hanging with your feet over the bars. Take the inside foot and extend it over the next bar, then bring your outside hand to inside hand bar, before taking inside hand to next bar. Then pull yourself up and over and repeat.


Go onto your elbows, bum down with your thighs off the floor. Move forward by using alternating elbows and feet.