The key to be a bullet proof obstacle course warrior is to develop functional, total body dynamic strength & power so that you are at your most efficient to deal with any challenge cast on your path.

Bodyweight movements derived from gymnastics are a great way to increase your mobility and functional capacity to allow you to move efficiently. To acquire the strength for these you should focus on exercises like lunges, squats, push-up and pull-ups. Once a movement has been executed, you can always add resistance or explosive components.

Hybrid strength where an explosive hip drive is used to generate force is great to enhance your athletic movements, strengthen your Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip-Complex and prevent injury. Exercises would include box jumps, burpees & medicine ball slams to name a few. I always recommend kettlebells as an awesome conditioning tool.

Going over a wall, up a rope and navigating monkey bars will not only require upper body strength but will also test your grip. A good way to address this is by throwing a towel over a pull-up bar and hanging on it.

Throw in some short sprints to increase the intensity and apply a cardio burn to your workout because after all there will be a lot of running and often you will be approaching obstacles out of breath, slightly disorientated and with your adrenalin pumping.

In my next blog we will be focussing on specific obstacle course movements you will most likely experience, however it is vital to have a good strength base as this will allow you to manoeuvre like a ninja when called upon.


With your back straight and in a squat position, swing the kettlebell back, snap the hips so that you straighten out your legs and as the kettlebell raises up from the force, pulling away from you, engage your lats and keep it at shoulder height. Let it return to start position and use the momentum to keep the movement crisp and ballistic as you return up.


From a standing position, squat down before exploding up. Get your knees high so that your feet can land on the box. Jump back down and repeat.


Bending down with a straight back, pick up med ball from the floor. Take it over head and as you jump up, throw it down has hard as you can into the ground. Pick up quickly and repeat.


Starting in a push-up, lower yourself towards the floor. Come up with speed and as your arms leave the floor perform a quick clap before you land back in a push-up.


Throw towel over a bar. Grab on both end with your hands and hold as long as you can. If you have the strength, perform pull-ups.

3 sets of 20 reps with a 100m sprint in between each set