Suddenly you need a gym, and the evolved business minds know this and are there to capitalise. Where does their money go, into marketing or upgrading the training?

Just like you, they go for the short-term, the only difference is that you have just penned, committed and paid for 12 months, where they have just bought that time to replace you. As they know once you’ve attended for only a couple of months at most, you’ll likely not renew. Hamsters on a treadmill (except hamsters run).

When you are overweight, upset about your body image or down in the dumps, you’ll always make a bad decision. Hence they’ll play on your emotional side and justify their action by saying, “But you signed, you never had too.” With incentives in place, loads of manipulation and impact selling training, they knew exactly what they were doing. Loved at first and then forgotten, ever felt that way?

In future, view yourself at a 100% of what you want to be. What activities would you be doing, running up a mountain, swimming the Channel, competing in a CrossFit event, opening your own Yoga retreat, surfing on exotic holidays, playing touch rugby with kids, taking up your childhood sports again?

Start there, and then plan your next step towards that journey. I’m sure I’ve just saved some people 12 months of the lives.

Health isn’t short-term, so neither should your decisions be.

Well what’s in it for me you may ask? No-one gives anything for free, do they? Just the peace of one less person telling me they hate their gym, stuck in a membership they don’t use, upset with their results and ultimately leaves me with more time to focus on actually training people and enhancing their gym experience – the real gold!