Our style of training, although done inside, is extremely conducive to sports & outdoor activities.

Where calisthenics exercises & pull-ups will give you much needed upper body strength to obliterate many of the challenges dished up in an Obstacle Course race, improving fundamental movement patterns in the legs & correct kettlebell training will bolster your running.

With everything done in a functional format & involving the core, dipping into the different oxygen systems and ultimately making you more efficient at moving your body through space, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of your new found performance chassis.

So while a lot of people’s goals are more look oriented, by doing fun activities, you are more likely to stick at it longer term, be able to see a huge carry over from the training in the increase of your ability & actually achieve a better physique than you’d imagined!

It also works in reverse for those of you who already do sports/activities. As the intensity of the training means that you can maintain/build upon your specific discipline in a more realistic manner ie. a 45min strength class is worth that 2hr mountain bike ride which you are unable to fit in during a busy day.

Another bonus of outdoor activities is that they can also be social and this way you can meet up with friends & make new ones while doing something vibrant.

As part of the 360 experience, we are taking you outside every Sat in November to introduce you to various outdoor activities, in the hope that you find one that you love, possibly all.