Due to getting taught movements and various types of training, including kettlebells, lifting technique, calisthenics, HIIT cardio & strength, you naturally get an aesthetically pleasing look alongside enhanced performance. So while our training compliments outdoor activities & sports very well, we’ll look at what you can just get through our class methods.


Broad shoulders, back muscles boldly standing out, wiry arms, and rugged forearms, cut abs, strong athletic legs.


Toned arms and shoulders, flat and firm stomach, strong athletic legs, tight bum.

Our training destroys fat: -1% fat loss a week is not uncommon. The classes are a phenomenal tool for shaping your body, whichever way you need it!

What classes are right for me?

To increase lean muscle & reduce body fat: 360 STRONG & BOXFIT

Your weight won’t budge much on the scale, but you will notice the difference in your clothes, as you lose cm’s in all the right areas. You’ll also have a much more athletic look due to improved posture and the muscle showing through as the fat melts away.

Muscle building or sports performance: 360 STRONG

Just hit this class to slab on full body muscle in a functional way. The style of training will keep you looking ripped, as you sculpt your body & get strong.

As most sports / recreational activities are mainly cardio based, the strength will give you added performance but you won’t bulk up. It will keep you injury free & ahead of the pack.

Weight loss: BOXFIT

This is a high intensity cardio class that will drop the extra weight & trim you out. We’d only recommend this for a short term goal – wedding, beach holiday or photo shoot. Otherwise for longterm & lasting results we’d advise you to do it alongside our 360 STRONG class, as the added muscle & correction of movement will increase your resting metabolic rate & make you more efficient.