The basis of our training is strengthening movement patterns, removing imbalances and making you body more efficient.

We do this by creating an overload on your current physical capacity which is known as the alarm phase (Often feeling stiff & causing slight detraining at first). With structure & steady progression, you’ll resist & adapt to the stimulus, which will make you stronger & give you a better foundation to keep layering upon.

This is all happening while we are teaching you cool new movements (eg. Turkish Get Ups), complex lifting techniques (eg. Snatches), calisthenics (eg. Handstands), ability to do skills (eg. Obstacle Course Training) & conditioning which has a high carryover to sports (eg. Running). This keeps the training fresh & fun and we find our members stick to it much longer, even though they are training harder.

The reason – goals are no longer ‘away from’ (eg. Weight loss & toning) but rather ‘towards to’ (eg. Pull up/ Double unders/ Handstand walks/ Monkey bars etc).

So while you are going heavier (eg. Deadlift/Squat), trying a progression (eg. Muscle up), hitting a different rep range (1-6 Strength, 8-12 Hypertrophy, 20+ endurance), doing a power circuit (series of neuromuscularly challenging exercises), mastering a skill (eg. surfing) or completing a challenge (eg. hike/ trail run), you’ll be burning fat, increasing lean muscle & living ripped.

Add in a likeminded, upbeat & motivating community around this, and you have a constructive environment where goals get smashed and results achieved.