For such a competitive industry, the prices are more skewed than ever!

Since covid did you notice the ‘expensive gyms’ upping their rates by 30-40% while the more ‘inexpensive commercial gyms’ are suddenly selling themselves at half the price?

This has rattled consumers belief in the integrity of the industry, however it’s fairly simple to explain…

It all boils down to value!

So while one person is happy to spend R2000 a month, another complains that R199 is too much.

It’s the value you attach to your health which makes the difference. Generally fitter people will spend more on their health, as they see the benefit of enhancing it further & also losing it would have a greater consequence. Whereas unfit people never valued it in the first place, so spending on it seems unwise & losing it means nothing.

Remember that the market is heavily lopsided to the unfit, that’s where the mass sits, so to speak.

So the emergence of online classes (obvs drastically reduced physical overheads) & big gyms, where you are left to your own devices, market to the unfit with ridiculously low rates, as capacity is virtually limitless. Making the payment is easy, but dragging yourself to do the workout is hard. They know this & hence can reduce price, pouring the majority of their revenue into marketing. Why the long contracts*? You work that out!

The online have a massive market & minimal overheads, so can happily offer month to month on top of minimal rates.

The more niche gym, geared at service, upskilling their members, creating a community, build relationships & the members attach value to this. Hence the higher price point. As space is limited, and it’s harder to acquire new members, they’ve put their rates up, feeling that their loyal customers will spend more & reduce the deficit of lost members due to covid.

We personally don’t believe in either. Providing service will allow your customer to see value and you def don’t want to burden your loyal clients with extreme increases.

So whatever the rates, the greatest price you’ll still pay, is either losing your health or never having the ability to experience it to the full!

Being healthy is always in 🙂