In today’s fitness industry, women are mislead into thinking that they must protect their bodies against meaningful strength training to avoid getting too bulky and masculine. But when it comes to achieving “toned arms” fluffy sets of 100 curls with the pink dumbbells just won’t do it no matter what the latest female fitness magazine says.

The obsession over toned arms, toned muscles and a tight and toned body has gotten out of hand, especially for women looking to get fit and stay healthy. Simply put, “toning” is achieved by building more muscle and losing body fat. This is best accomplished by performing resistance training exercises with a weight that will actually stimulate your muscles and give you a training effect, period.

There is no such thing as a “girl version” of an exercise. This sexist and insulting term continues to perpetuate the notion that women are inherently weak and prevents so many women from from becoming as fit and strong as they could be.

If you really want toned arms, here’s the program that will get you there. It involves goal oriented strength training and will not only help you achieve toned arms, but will get you strong and lean in the process.

  1. Under-grip Pull-ups (use a band & progress)
  2. Full body Dips (start with negatives)
  3. DB Fireman carries
  4. L-Sits