image1-14 It’s obviously a very trying and testing time, however, just as the world has ground to a halt, your training definitely shouldn’t.

The majority of people are working from home and generally self training and this is where a set environment (gym) or lack of motivation (coach) has really challenged everyone on a fitness front.

It’s hard to break away from work, easy to negotiate it with all the other luxuries at hand and/or even just leave your exercise for the next day – a day which never comes.

This isn’t about losing weight, gaining confidence, looking aesthetically pronounced, this is about life and death.

Being lazy with a respiratory virus at large is a bad option. Also trying to capitalise on free time to absolutely go ‘gung ho’ isn’t wise either. Training bolsters your immune system – this is what we are relying on, while we wait on the vaccine.

Moderate training, slightly out of your comfort zone will strengthen it. However totally battering yourself will make you more susceptible to illness and also leave you in a worst state to fight anything if you do perhaps contact covid.

The key is to rather train more consistently, for a reduced time and at an intensity which is challenging, not annihilating.

Your health should be a priority all the time and although the playing field is a bit different, the way we acquire it, usually relying on someone else or a facility, shouldn’t be an excuse.

Do something different daily to keep it fun – Grab a 30min workout off YouTube, go for a jog around the block, get active in nature, even attend a gym if you feel comfortable. There’s still loads of safe options, it just requires action.

Own your training, take responsibility and keep yourself healthy, the choice is always yours!