Our tushes come in all shapes and sizes and whatever you have you generally want the opposite. Embrace what you’ve been given and keep it in peak & perky condition by regularly focusing on exercises that challenge the deep gluteus muscles in compound fashion. After all it’s not the shape, it’s more the sag and nobody has time for a booty not so liscious.

So while isolating the glute might give you that burning feeling, you want to focus on more neuromuscularly demanding exercises that not only sculpt but also scorch fat and put a full-time fictitious scalpel to that dreaded cellulite.

When it comes to a tight tush, galvanised glutes and a peachy posterior – multi-directional, compound exercises, loaded up with resistance in HIIT style will give you the lift you desire, increase lean muscle which oxidises fat and the strong glutes you develop will allow much more joy to be had in ‘rear’ creational activities such as hiking, running, surfing and beach volleyball.

Remember, the perfect tush is your tush with regular exercise and beauty is inside and out, about being confident and loving life, sharing laughs and good times with friends and always spreading squats and burpees with everyone you meet.