The word ‘core’ gets thrown around often in the fitness world these days and in most cases loosely. So I have decided to tighten up your understanding on the importance of training the core in the right way to optimize your results.

“The core works as a synergistic unit that is dynamically linked with the whole body and allows movement and support through a huge range of movement.”

What is the core?

Why do we need one?

Why train it?

The inner unit muscles

These allow for intra-abdominal pressure to occur. They stiffen the axial skeleton in preparation for movement.

It is most NB to train the specific function of the TVA, it:

The Outer unit

  1. Deep longitudinal system
  2. Posterior oblique system
  3. Anterior oblique system
  4. Lateral system

The importance of having a strong ‘core’

With all this understood, it is of most importance that we train the primal movement patterns (Squat/ lunge/ bend/ push/ pull/ twist) which we use most in our daily and sporting activities. Effective conditioning of the outer unit should include exercises that require use of the inner and outer units together.

A strong core and proper conditioning are vital. I hope this article has helped you understand and provide substance to the word ‘core’, and just remember you can’t shoot a canon from a canoe!