It’s pretty simple in theory… an overload principle.

The training must exceed the current capacity of the individual to create a stimulus which must first be adapted to & then built upon.

The reality is most people joining us, have been involved in some sort of previous physical activity over the years. Mainly a combination of a few concepts (yoga, boxing, commercial gym, boot camp etc)

Initially everything will feel like it’s working, as generally you’ll be going from sedentary to active or trying a completely new discipline which will inadvertently create an overload (stimulus).

However, once you’ve adapted, the activity becomes easier & the overload fails to exist anymore. Often training more without seeing the benefits.

At 360 we take you out of your comfort zone, create an overload through progressive training & keep you engaged by increasing your skill set.

The constant push-pull of learning, trying, failing & then doing, eliminates fear and builds a winning mentality.

With this installed, we keep challenging you and you keep overcoming – the fun style, comprised of numerous aspects of fitness means you never get bored and always have goals to work towards, ultimately guaranteeing one thing… constant results!