It’s obviously a behaviour trait as it follows the same cyclic pattern as yoyo dieting.

Actually most people are doing it but probably wouldn’t admit to it. Have you tried 2-3 different aspects of training in the last 18 months. I.e. yoga, CrossFit, boxing.

We all know we are creatures of habit and don’t like change, so how come we change our style of training so much.

First thing to take into consideration, there’s a thing called ego, so we will never accept the reality but rather justify it to suit us. I.e. how does CrossFit go from being the best thing since Peanut Butter Bombs to: “It’s sh*t, you get injured.”

What really happens is that we start something, the motivation is high and we start loving it, instead of just appreciating the 3 times a week, we get greedy and want all the results that we weren’t getting before. So we end up killing something that was actually benefitting us. Easier to blame it, than ourselves. Move onto the next thing.

You might be thinking that it’s just that you want something new and the trend has shifted.

Marketers need something to market & obviously will also play on your weakness ‘ego’ and fuel you to believe that you are correct in your behaviour. Yes, CrossFit is out & Yoga is in. Follow the sheep. Everyone is unique so why conform?

Most of us don’t like to do any extra work so why would we get our clean & press to 100kg to only be touching our toes 6 months later. It’s amazing, my hamstrings are so flexible #saidno1ever (Why now?)

…I love the peace and calmness it brings to my life to 6 months later signing up for a white collar fight. I feel more alive than ever, I hate those hippies, I’m going to eat someone’s children!

The key, find something u like, have it in your training schedule 2-3x’s a week, then add other things you enjoy (there are others, coz it’s proven that u do them for 6 months at a time) to create a balance, offer you something different and allow you to enjoy a varied schedule that can be maintained longterm. Yes, it might shift a little here and there, but the extremes, frustration and extra work of starting over will fade away.