Chris Walsh

My core principle is to influence as many people as possible to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle through training. - Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh

With over 20 years of experience in the gym industry, Chris is a health icon, with massive credibility and is highly sought after.

His journey started as a Fitness Instructor, at Health and Racquet Club in Claremont, Cape Town. He coached various classes before he had even qualified as a trainer.

Following a move to London for his football career, he began personal training at Holmes Place Gym. His client based soared and due to high demand he decided to make it his career. With over 50 clients a week and an ever growing waiting list, he managed to train over 1000 clients during a 7 year stay there.

His reputation led to him being handpicked to train high profile clientele and he spent a year flying around the world as an activity coach and trainer.

In 2009 he decided to return to Cape Town and set up his own gym. In this period, he built up a team of 20 trainers and a client base of over 300 people.

4 Years later he expanded his gym and moved into a multiple class format, so that more people could enjoy the experience. At it’s peak the gym had over a 1000 members.

Wanting to be more exclusive, he has evolved it to a much more niche experience where he has greater personal interaction with the clients, the gym is more result focused and alongside coaching all of the classes, he also leads outdoor fitness activities on the weekends.

He has a wealth of exercise knowledge, a sporting background, written and modelled for multiple health magazines, ran online body transformation programs and organised various fitness events.

He literally is fitness!